About Us

Following a once in a lifetime trip to Nashville, TN in 2017 to view the Great Solar Eclipse, I wanted something to commemorate the experience. So, I designed and created map pendants of Nashville area locations for myself and my friends. From this desire, Whimsy Spirit Store was born! Whimsy Spirit is all about capturing those moments we cherish, and creating a whimsical reminder of what makes our soul happy.

My name is Christine and as a former veterinary technician with a passion for shelter and rescue work, I have been heavily involved in pet foster and rescue. Through special needs foster and adoption, I created an accidental sanctuary. I am a work at home pet mom to cats, dogs, turtles, and a rabbit. My designs are heavily influenced by my four legged family members.

I create colorful jewelry, accessories, and home goods with a boho vibe for those who enjoy a light hearted, carefree style.

In addition to being a pet mom, I am also a wife, a mom to a son and a daughter, a grandma, and a mother figure to two more girls we picked up along the way.